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Berthoud products with the exception of fenders carry our own 180-day satisfaction guaranty. If you are are not satisfied with your Berthoud purchase, you may return your item (s) within 180 days (please don't abuse them or return them "after the tour") for your choice of full credit or refund.  We offer the best prices and best satisfaction guaranty on Berthoud items you will find anywhere! 


Gilles Berthoud Handlebar Bags

 Bags for bikes with support racks - such as a Nitto M12, Nitto M18, or a custom constructor rack


Each of these also must be secured at the handlebars either by use of a decaleur or with straps that are included with each bag



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All of the following bags except the mini 86 bag include our proprietary stiffiner which significantly increases the stability of the handlebar bag.  It is a simple U-shape aluminum insert that nearly eliminates the bag's tendency to "flex" in its absence.  We have no idea why Berthoud does not include this as a stock feature.  But use of the bag without this insert is not advised as excess movement can negatively affect a bicycle's stability.  This is an example of how our on-road experience and testing leads to product enhancement and value added for our customers.



The full-size-series is comprised of three sub-sizes

  22 is smallest at 19cm tall

25 is medium at 22cm tall

    28 is the largest at 25cm tall

These bags are available in either black or grey


Deluxe versions of the 22, 25, and 28 are the 2286, 2586, and the 2886 respectively

A decaleur allows space between the bag and the handlebar for your hands when climbing.  It also holds the bag more securely than straps.

The basic bag uses elastic closures.  Simple but elegant

The non-deluxe bags are somewhat more popular

The size of the bag you choose is typically determined by the distance from the top or your support rack to your handlebars.  Please email us or call for information and assistance regarding sizing.  We want to help!


The deluxe bag uses buckle closures except for the main compartment closure which is elastic

This bag is the model 2286, the smaller size

The deluxe bag has a zipper inside pocket which we love to put our wallet and keys into.  We also use the side pockets for valuables, but knowing the item is zipped up on the inside is nice security.  Plus there is a plastic pouch for an ID card. 


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There is a new Berthoud bag available called the 2086.  This bag is like a 2286 except that there are no expanded side pockets.  Instead on the sides there is a flat pouch which is good for papers or something rather thin.  This provides for more room between the bag and the brakelevers.  For riders on smaller frames who therefore use a smaller bag AND who use narrower handlebars, this is a perfect solution.




Gilles Berthoud 86 Mini-Front Bag




This bag is almost too cool for words.  It mounts on a bag support rack, but is quite mini and does not require a decaleur.  It also straps onto the rack using a strap on the bottom.  There is a front pocket, two side pockets, and two rear pockets.  The idea of this bag is that if you are not using a full rando load, and want something smaller to mount on your bike, this is just the ticket.  There is also a nice zipper compartment in the flap.  The bag also comes with a strap so you can carry it easily once you arrive to your destination in style. Due to the smaller size of this bag, our proprietary stiffiner used on the larger bags is not neeeded.


The bag is about 10 inches long, 6 inches deep, and about 5 1/2 inches tall. 


Click on Photo below to Enlarge

Side Pocket

Bag next to standard waterbottle for reference

Rear Pockets

Pile-o-stuff including a t-shirt fit into the bag at right

Pile-o-stuff inside bag.  Rear pockets are empty

Underside of bag showing strap


For longer rides where you need more cloths, this bag is perhaps too small - the above photo shows a t-shirt inside, although a super small rain jacket might make it inside instead, but that is close.  Of course, this bag and the 786 seatbag (to hole a larger rain jacket) might together suffice for some fairly long events.


This bag is patterned after the classic French bags of the 1970's that were nearly identical except they didn't have the nice details that this one has.


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Decaleurs by Gilles Berthoud

for Quill and Ahead Style stems



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When using a most Berthoud handlebar bags,  the bag needs to be supported both at the bottom (with a rack) and up top.  Berthoud makes a very nifty decaleur for use with quill type stems.  The decaleur comes in two lengths (most folks will need the shorter 91 version), and also two styles.  If your stem binder bolt (the one that clamps the handlebars) is facing forward, get the horizontal mount version.  If your binder is on the underside, get the vertical mount version.


The Berthoud decaleur is a bit more complex than other designs, but it is more robust and is a well proven design.


After much waiting, Berthoud decaleurs for threadless stems are here! They are now available from our on-line store. The official threadless decaleurs come in two "lengths". Shown below, is a ruler showing measuring the 70 length model. As you can see, from center of the tube widget that holds the decaleur against the stem to the center of the multi part tube that mounts to the bag, the length is 70mm - surprise!

The other length that is offered is 50 version which is - you guessed it, 50mm for that dimension! For bikes where the declaleur will be pointed straight ahead, go for the shortest. Now on some installations, you actually need to get the decaleur to reach much further down. For such cases, we can supply the decaleur with the extension part that is usually used with quill type stems. For those, the measurements are roughly 83mm or 113mm.

Now, we've sold lots of folks Berthoud decaleurs, and on occasion folks have issues with the decaleur rotating. You need to get the bolts really tight to lock in the rotation. And we would suggest that you carry a 4mm allen to tighten it if it does come loose. We do make our own anti-rotation widget for these. But the new wave of Berthoud decaleurs are slightly different dimensionally and we are currently re-designing them. But we've talked to many folks who have been extremely pleased with the Berthoud design as it is, so it seems our anti-rotation modification while nice and helpful is both costly and in many cases unnecessary.


Currently, the Berthoud decaleur is probably the most reliable in terms of the bag not jumping compared with any other design including our own Rene Herse. The Berthoud design is a bit more cumbersome to remove, but we've been using it on the shop Boulder Bicycles that we ride, and we're very pleased.


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Gilles Berthoud Handlebar Bags

For bicycles without support racks

Note that a handlebar bag can affect the handling of many bikes - especially those that are NOT a low trail design


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Berthoud 192 Bag

Berthoud 192 Handlebag with related hardware

Classic Berthoud - no front rack needed!

Note:  this bag was "replaced" by the model 805, but this bag has the classic styling that so many of our customers prefer.  Therefore by popular demand, Berthoud brought it back. We can get the 805, but this is the bag we really like. 

What is nice about this bag is that the main flap opens from the rear, which provides easy access to items in the bag while you are on the bike.

With this bag and its super easy quickfix attachment, you don't need a support rack. We were actually rather skeptical of this arrangement, but then we rode it quite extensively.  We have an Herse at the shop that was built as a road/sport without the intention of using a bag.  But we couldn't resist.  We installed the bracket (and a funky support strap that goes around the stem), and we were amazed at the easy-on, easy-off attachment.  You simply press the red button and the bag (along with the chrome support frame) comes off in an instant.

Now not all bikes are front-load-friendly.  The bike we use has a 73 degree headangle and just under 50mm of forkrake.  With a very light load, you can't notice it.  With a heavier load, it gets less optimal, but still quite pleasant.

We hate to say this, but unless you're running a really heavy load, in some ways this attachment is so clean and elegant up front, that we almost prefer this system to using a front rack.  The downside is that it places the load higher than if you use a support rack, so handling is not quite as optimal.  For light rando use or to outfit your bike with a classic Berthoud bag for a century, this could be the way to go.

The bag itself is very elegant, with elastic closures where you want them, and buckle closures where they are helpful.  On the underside of the top flap is a zip-up compartment internally which is great for stashing your wallet and keys - stuff you don't want flopping around.  This is one of our favorite items.  The bag is about the same size as the model 22.  It has one main compartment and one pocket in the front.

Note that all hardware you need is included - the metal support bracket and also the quick fix bracket is supplied.

Berthoud Model 805

Handlebar bag



Modern Berthoud - no front rack needed!


This is Berthoud's largest no-front-support-rack-needed handlebar bag.  Its quickfix attachment makes installation a snap (pretty much literally).  The attachment is very solid and dependable. 


The bag itself is very elegant.  It is roughly the size of a Berthoud 22 bag.  The only downside to this bag is that the main compartment opens to the front.  So you really can't access the bag while riding.  Many riders don't do this anyway for safety reasons, so that's not an issue.  But for those that do, this bag may not be the best choice.  The model 192 will be the better choice.


As with the 192 bag, the weight is higher up than with a support rack, so handling is somewhat less than optimal.  But on many bikes with sufficient trail, handling will still be fine. For example, for a low-trail bike used for fast century rides without fenders and rack, this bag may be perfect.


We sell his bag complete with its quick fix adapter included in the price.


Berthoud Model 905 Handlebar Bag



A nice size bag that attaches to the handlebar using a quick-fix attachment.  A support rack is not needed.  Shown here is the bag in black.  It is very nice looking.  It is a tad small, though, for a true randonneur load.  Note that the bag comes complete with the Klickfix adapter. The bag has the very nice zip pocket on the underside of the main flap which we really like.

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Gilles Berthoud Panniers


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Berthoud 1500 Small Panniers





So you are credit card touring and want to carry a fairly small load.  These panniers are large enough to carry some reasonable stuff, but are not so large that you will be overstuffing things.  You can use these up front, but in the rear of course as well.  It is always better to load up low and in front.  But if you must put stuff in back, than these will perhaps "keep you honest" and not overload.


Each pannier is about 13 inches tall, 8.5 inches wide (at the top), and maybe 7 or 8 inches deep when fully puffed up.  Note that there are laces that can be adjusted so you can expand out the bag quite a bit.  The pannier is one large compartment (no pockets).  Its capacity is 25 liters.




Click on Photo below to Enlarge

You can adjust the depth of the pannier simply and effectively

Quick release mounting that is secure

Inner flap that helps keep things nice and dry - with lots of adjustment



Berthoud 799 Mini Panniers





These panniers muck up our world.  We know it is best to load a bike low and up front.  But these panniers just scream to be mounted on a French style rear fender mounted rack (or on a front rack that has struts to the eyelets.  Combined with a standard size handlebar bag, these just say (pack light, and lets go credit card touring for a day or two).  If a pannier could ever be called "cute", this is it.


The bag mounts easily to a rack using a novel quick fix attachment system.  Most racks that have twin stays that taper together towards the dropout should work.  But French-style fender mount platform racks are ideal.


Each pannier is about 9.5 inches tall, 8.5 inches wide (at the top), and 4 inches deep (the bag will puff out some so wider when loaded).   


Click on Photo below to Enlarge

Side Pocket

Front Buckle Closure

Back of bag showing atachment

Another photo of the pannier

Pannier next to stardard waterbottle to give size reference


Berthoud 372 Large Pannier



This is largest of the Berthoud panniers.  It has a 49 liter capacity.  Note that these panniers are designed for to be used as lowrider fronts.  Berthoud specifically states that they are for front lowrider mounting.  If you try to use them as a rear, you probably will have all sorts of heal clearance issues and stability of the bike will be negatively impacted as well.  So in other words, don't mount them on the rear. 


As you can see, there is a large compartment and a smaller pocket on the outside.  These are the bags for serious travel. So the serious travel setup is these up front, the 379 on a lowrider rear mount, a nice handlebar bag - and you are off to see the world. 


Berthoud 367 Medium Panniers




This is perhaps the most popular of the Berthoud panniers.  It is slightly larger than the model 1500, and has a 33 liter capacity. (So a third larger than the 1500).  According to Berthoud, it is designed for front or rear mounting, but special care was taken to allow it to work well as a lowrider rear (Berthoud paid close attention to providing heel clearance).

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Other Berthoud Bags

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Gilles Berthoud 786 Saddle Bag

Berthoud 786 Seatbag Grey

This Berthoud saddle bag is very popular.  It requires the use of a quick-fix mount which is not included.  There are three quickfix mounts available, one for Brooks saddles (shown on the right) and one for "all others" shown on the left, and one specifically made for the Berthoud Touring model saddles.


The quality is outstanding (as expected).  Note that this bag is an update of the previous version, (this one has more effective mounting).

Berthoud "Inside" Frame Bag









Berthoud grey bag that fits "inside the frame". Attaches at the junction of the seatube and toptube. A bracket you need that attaches to the top tube is included. This is a great bag for someone who is trying to deck out there bike with storage capacity. Note that you can't use a top tube mounted pump with this bag.


Berthoud Tire holder bag - grey

Berthoud tire holder

Can hold other things too.  Available in Black or grey.  It requires the use of a toe strap (not included) to secure the bag to the underneath of your saddle.




Other Berthoud Products


There are a few Berthoud products that are not "regular" stock items that we can get very quickly for you. 


Click here to visit the Berthoud Website


We can get almost all Berthoud bags, racks, and rain covers at very attractive prices.


Handlebar bags in the deluxe versions as well as other frame bags are available in black and grey.  And we can also get many Berthoud hardware items quickly as well.


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