650b Rene Herse

 Recent Build for Denver Customer



2009 René Herse next to the foothills - about 2 miles from the shop!



A lightweight Brevet bike - intentionally understated.  As you look closely, the details draw you in.  This bike's owner wanted a bicycle that wouldn't draw too much attention in case is is locked up during an errand.  The parts all work wonderfully, yet the components don't draw attention.  Designed for longer distance riding on roads and light dirt.  The integrated lighting system also makes it ideal for evening commutes.


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2009 René Herse handmade seatlug with integrated cable hanger



2009 René Herse handmade BB shell

Shell is made from 5 tubes tig welded, then filleted, then finely finished.  It is a lot of work, but isn't it worth it?  And why do it?  For one reason, there is no production bb shell on the market with the proper entry angle for a 650b frame with chainstays bent for wide tire clearance.  You can "fake it" by using longer chainstays, but Herse didn't to that in the 1950's and we still don't.  On a 700c bike we can use a production shell - but here the handmade version is both functional and gorgeous.



2009 René Herse Stem with Stem-Cap Lightswitch


The Schmidt Edelux light is a bottom mount.  So a bracket is made that has anti-rotation set screws to keep the light firmly in place.  Very secure top mounting allows for easy adjustment that is unlikely to rotate.  The Edelux light also has a standlight feature that is quite nice.  Plus, if you want to dim your lights for oncoming traffic, turn the stem mounted power switch to off, and the Edlux will operate on reduced power and will dim - but you will still be seen!



2009 René Herse handmade tailight

This tailight features a handmade aluminum housing with the internals from a B & M Seclulite - a bright LED light with a standlight feature.  The light is internally wired from the front of the bike using the unique Herse carbon brush/brass slip collar arrangement.   And of course, the light is also controled by the stem mounted lightswitch.


Note the classic René Herse lettering on the headtube.  The decaleur and handlebar bag will be mounted shortly (hence the longer stem binder bolts).


lf you look closely, you can see the bent chainstay and dimpling to give fender clearance.  This is the 42mm Hetre Grand Bois tire.


2009 René Herse handmade headtube lug


2009 René Herse handmade downtube lug.  Check out the shoreline!


2009 René Herse handmade twinplate fokrcrown.  A very elegant way to get lots of clearance


2009 René Herse twinplate crown rear view


2009 René Herse proprietary dropouts


2009 René Herse downtube hand lettering



2009 René Herse classic seatstay caps and seatlug